NBN Switch Off is coming to Aspley, Bridgeman Downs and Zillmere

If you have a business in Aspley, Bridgeman Downs or Zillmere you should know that your existing copper based phone and Internet services may be switched off by the end of 2014.  Any business operating within the purple area in the below map are almost certain to lose the copper based phone and Internet services by end of this year.

If you have an older style PABX system, chances are that it will stop connecting to the public telephone network when the NBN switch off occurs as early as 28 September 2014 for some businesses in Aspley.

When it comes to upgrading your PABX system to something that is NBN compatible you may be surprised at the high prices you have been quoted by the larger telco's.

Fortunately there is a very cost effective alternative which is called a "Virtual PABX".  A Virtual PABX essentially has the same functionality as a traditional PABX that you would have installed on your premises.  The key difference being is that a Virtual PABX is hosted in a remote datacenter and you connect to this via an Internet link such as the NBN. 

Many businesses already use a Virtual PABX so you have no doubt already made phone calls into a Virtual PABX without even noticing any difference from a regular PABX.

As there are several hundred premises that will be effected by the NBN switch off in your area, please allow yourself plenty of time to ensure your phone communications to your customers and suppliers stay operational.

If you would like to find out how SkyCrystal can implement a cost effective Virtual PABX for your business please contact us for a free assessment and quote. 

NBN switch off 2014