The definition of a cloud service provider

As a number of people have asked us for a cloud service provider definition, I thought it's about time I wrote a blog about this.

Firstly I need to explain what cloud computing actually means.  Essentially cloud computing or cloud hosting involves providing access to computing services over a network.  This network can be the Internet or a Private network.

Then there are several different types of cloud computing including Public Cloud, Private Cloud and Hybrid Cloud.  Essentially public cloud providers have commoditised their service and sell it to the public by appropriate time intervals.  So for example the top Public Cloud provider, Amazon (AWS) will rent anyone a virtual server for an hourly rate.

A Private Cloud essentially refers to a dedicated computing facility for a specific company.  These dedicated datacentres are highly capital intensive which is why they are gradually losing favour with business owners.

A Hybrid Cloud is a combination of a Public and a Private Cloud.  Essentially the businesses datacentre (Private Cloud) is extended into the Cloud Service Providers datacentre (Public Cloud) via secure network links.

Hybrid Cloud architecture is a highly cost effective way to deliver additional computing services to an existing business without needing to either upgrade their own datacentre (private cloud) or have it completely decommissioned.

So essentially a cloud service provider, cloud hosting provider or a public cloud provider typically all refer to the same type of business which sells computing power over the Internet for an agreed rate.