OneNote 2013 for Free

So what is OneNote 2013 and how would I use it?  Well I'll ask a few more questions to lead you to the answer.

Have you ever found yourself writing down a note or some scrap of information in a text file or perhaps a Word document and then forgotten where you stashed that note when you really need it?

Do you now have a large disorganised collection of text files and word documents which contain lots of pieces of information that is collectively essential to your life?

Or do you still walk around clutching a paper notepad with all of the little pieces of information you have collected since you filled up the last notepad and the ones before that?

If you want a far better way to easily bring all of those little pieces of information together into a single easy to use and now free application then you should really try OneNote 2013.

I've been using OneNote continuously since 2004 when my then boss tossed me the box and said can you take a look at this stange OneNote thing.  I must admit at first I really didn't know what I would use it for or even how I was supposed to use it.  But after a while I realised there was no special way you had to use it and you can use it to store pretty much anything you want.

In fact I have to stop myself from using it when I should be using something like a spreadsheet instead.  It is now my first application I turn to when I want to write a blog, store some configuration details, organise a party, plan a camping trip and quickly search on practically anything I have done since the year 2004.

I know this may sound like a paid advert but I assure you it is not.  I just wanted to share with the world the awesomeness of this tool and that you can get it for free by clicking here.