Top Ten Cool Free Things on the Internet

Here is my top ten list of cool free things on the Internet.  I've intentionally left out the really famous search engines and social media sites as everyone already knows about those sites.  So this list focuses on useful sites that you may not have heard about until now.

SomaFM is independent, commercial-free internet radio, with 28 unique channels featuring underground electronica, chillout, ambient, downtempo, lounge, space music, indie rock and All hand-picked by SomaFM's award-winning DJs and music directors.

Pandora is an advertising supported Internet music service that lets you create your own stations.  For example if you like Ben Harper's music, create a station with his name and you will hear his tracks and similar music.  You can also make stations based on a whole genre, for example 80's Pop.

DreamSpark - if you’re a student with a .edu email address you can download from a library of Microsoft software completely free of charge.

K9 Web Protection is a free enterprise-class internet filtering software designed for home computers.  I initially installed this to protect children who use our home computers.  I now install this on all my PCs as it is very useful for alerting me to malicious web sites that like to install malware.

KeePass is a Password Safe for Windows PCs.  Use it to store all of your passwords, credit card details, etc within an encrypted safe.  Then make sure you back this up, regularly.

TED is a non-profit organisation devoted to spreading great ideas in the form of short powerful talks.  A driving motivator for TED is that they passionately believe in the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and ultimately the world.

PIXLR - originally an online image editing tool.  It can now be used offline with a native app.  Works on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

f.lux - Windows software that automatically adapts the colour of your display to the time of day.  So at night your display becomes warmer in colour and during the day it is more like sunlight.  It tends to lessen the strain on your eyes when using your computer at night.

No Excuse List - the best place on the web to learn anything for free.  The site includes links to sources for free online learning of University courses, computer programming, cooking, eBooks, DIY guides, languages and music.

ZenMate is a web browser plugin that provides a simple to use VPN from within your web browser.  It works on Windows PCs as well as Android and iOS devices.  It is supported on Chrome, Firefox and Opera web browsers.